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Krishan Makol started his culinary journey with Lexington Catering in 2015 and quickly earned recognition, winning the Tilda Young Chef Of the Year competition.

He gained fundamental cooking skills at Thomas Miller and Knight Frank, where he also won multiple culinary contests. After a year managing hospitality at 72qvs Mansion House, he travelled to Mexico and later opened a pop-up kitchen specializing in Indian-Mexican street food.

He has worked in multiple kitchens across London and expanded his culinary repertoire through travels to Bali, Thailand, Tokyo, New York, India, Spain, Greece, Mexico, Canada, Italy and Hungary. Makol aspires to leave a culinary legacy and hopes to inspire future chefs.


Discover Krishan's top 3 favourite



Krishan's love for tacos shines through in his creative and flavourful combinations, from traditional to fusion, showcasing his passion for crafting delicious handheld treasures.

Fresh Pasta

With an artisanal touch, Krishan takes pride in creating delicate and handmade pasta dishes, using the finest ingredients and perfecting every sauce to ensure a truly authentic and satisfying experience.

Meat Samosas

Influenced by his family's culinary heritage, Krishan's meat samosas are a tribute to his roots, expertly spiced and encased in golden pastry, delivering a delightful blend of flavours in every bite.


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chef hands preparing fresh pasta
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At our catering services, we are always open to exploring new cuisines and experimenting with innovative dishes. We love to collaborate with our clients and explore new culinary trends and flavors. If you have a specific cuisine or dish in mind that is not included in our main offerings, please get in touch with us. Our skilled chefs and event professionals will work closely with you to create a custom menu that aligns with your vision and preferences. At our catering services, we are passionate about creating exceptional cuisine that celebrates food in all its diversity and richness.


Krishan's tacos are simply exceptional! The flavor combinations he comes up with are unique and delicious. Each taco is like a burst of culinary creativity in my mouth. I can't get enough of them!"

Emma Johnson

Krishan's fresh pasta dishes are out of this world! The pasta is always perfectly cooked and the sauces are incredibly flavorful. It's evident that he puts great care and attention to detail into every dish. Highly recommend!

David Thompson

Krishan's meat samosas are a family favorite! They remind me of the ones my grandmother used to make. The spiced filling and the flaky pastry are a match made in heaven. Krishan's passion for his family's recipe really shines through in every bite.

Samantha Patel